​Pessimistic Alphabet Poem

Abhorrent, adulterous amoeba Bad, bothersome barbarian Caliginous, careless callus Despicable, dirty dog Egregious, evil embarrassment Flawed, filthy fraud Grotesque, guilty germ Horrid, haunting history Isolative, impure impasse Jaded, jumbo junk Knotted, killable knave Lacerated, lifeless leper Mangled, monstrous memories Nauseating, nefarious nuisance Obtrusive, overwhelmed outcast Passive, provocative puppet Quarrelsome, quandary quitter Repulsive, rotten reject Scandalous, … Continue reading ​Pessimistic Alphabet Poem

So very alone… without the strength to fight…..

I'm Completely Losing My Mind!  I feel like I'm just "another damn nutcase." All these seemingly useless, damn medications.... all these fucking constant appts, one after another; yet, I'm continuously getting absolutely nowhere... except falling further & further downhill, and sinking farther & farther into an endless, dark pit. And WHAT does it all do, … Continue reading So very alone… without the strength to fight…..